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free home office printables

Working from home has become the norm for a lot of us these days. If you’ve accepted the fact that your home office is going to be your workplace moving forward, then you might be looking for some ‘officey’ type decorations you can print and hang in your home office space.

This is exactly what happened to us – we wanted to hang some simple, yet meaningful, artwork on our home office wall, but we didn’t want to spend a fortune to do it.

So, we bought a couple of cheap frames and then had a mini office competition amongst us all here at to see who could come up with the most inspirational or aesthetically pleasing printable office decor.

We were pretty impressed with the designs our team created, so not only have we used them in various places around our home office, but we’ve also decided to offer them free for you to use in your own home office spaces! No catch! We won’t even ask for your email address to access these free home office printables – simply choose the design (or designs) you like and print them.

Use them any way you like to improve morale or just the vibe of your workspace. Think of them as our little gift to you – a way of ‘paying it forward’, if you like.

There’s a mixture of vertical and horizontal designs and all of them will print on an A4 piece of paper and, thus, fit into an A4 sized frame (if you plan to frame them before you hang or display). We’ve also tried to keep the colors fairly muted and simple so they should go with any office decor.

Here are the designs you can choose from, or print them all if you like!

Free Home Office Printables

Hard to choose, right? No problem, they’re free! Print as many as you like and start using them to keep you inspired and focused when working in your home office.

Oh, and if you haven’t got a printer in your home office to print these printables with, no problem, we’ve got all the best printers for your home office listed here. A printer is definitely an essential home office supply, so you’re going to want to add one to your home office equipment. 

We hope you enjoy, and can get some use out of, our free home office printables. Who knows? If you ever go back to working in a real office, you might even like to use some of our printable decor there too! 

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