Best Keyboard For Home Office

Best Keyboard For Home Office

If you’re looking for a new keyboard for your home office, all the different options can get a bit overwhelming.

But don’t worry, in this article I’m going to walk you through some of the best keyboards available and even give you some tips on how to pick the best one for your needs.

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How To Choose The Right Keyboard

When choosing which keyboard is right for you, there are several different things you’ll want to consider.

Mechanical VS Chiclet Style Keys

If you’ve ever looked at keyboards before, you’ve probably noticed that there are two distinctively different types. There’s the chiclet-style keys that are much flatter and usually found in laptops.

And then there’s the mechanical style keys that are much chunkier and only found in desktop keyboards. It’s really down to personal preference which style you prefer.

If you’ve used mechanical keys before and you enjoy the typing experience that delivers, you might want to stick with that. But if you are more accustomed to typing on a laptop keyboard, you might find it easier to go for chiclet-style keys.

Wired Or Wireless

Wireless mice and keyboards have really taken off in popularity recently with wireless technology becoming cheaper.

Having a wireless mouse is really helpful as you don’t need to drag a cable around whenever you move your mouse. But as keyboards usually just sit on your desk in one place, having a wireless keyboard might seem a bit pointless.

If you decide to go with a wired keyboard, it will usually be slightly cheaper and you won’t have to worry about charging it or replacing the batteries. But with a wireless keyboard, you won’t need to have another annoying cable cluttering up your desk, and as they’re becoming more popular, you’ll have more different options to choose from.

To try and make finding the best keyboard for you as easy as possible, I’ve split this article into two different sections, the best wired keyboard for your home office, and the best wireless keyboard for your home office.

If you have a specific reason that you want one type or the other, feel free to skip down to the relevant section, but if you don’t really mind whether it’s wired or wireless, I’d suggest taking a look at them all.

What Computer Do You Use

The majority of keyboards are designed to be used with a Windows computer. They’ll all be able to type just fine on any operating system, but all the special keys will be intended for Windows and some of the features might not work.

So if you use a Mac OS or Chrome OS computer, you’ll be better off with a keyboard that’s been designed specifically for your operating system.

If you use an Apple Mac, click here to skip down to the best keyboard for Macs. Or if you use a Chrome OS computer, click here to skip down to the best keyboard for Chrome OS.


If you don’t mind spending a bit more to get the best typing experience possible, there are some really nice premium keyboards around. But if you’d rather not spend any more than you need to, there are some really good options for under $20.

Best Home Office Keyboards



Why It's Good

Key Style

Price Range

Buy On Amazon

Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard

Best Affordable Wired Keyboard



Das Keyboard 4

Best Premium Wired Keyboard



Logitech MK270

Best Affordable Wireless Keyboard



Arteck Wireless Keyboard

Best Simple Chiclet Style Wireless Keyboard



Logitech MK345

Best  Keyboard With Wrist Rest



Logitech Ergo K860

Best Ergonomic Keyboard



Apple Magic Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Macs



Logitech K580

Best Chrome OS Keyboard



Best Wired Keyboard For Home Office

Seeing as your keyboard is probably just going to sit permanently on your desk connected to your one computer. A wired keyboard can be a very practical option as it will be cheaper and won’t need to be charged.

Wired keyboards are becoming less common these days as wireless technology improves, but here are two really good wired keyboards that will make a great addition to your home office.

The Good

The Bad

If you’re just after a cheap, simple, wired keyboard that will sit nicely on your desk and get the job done, this is the one for you.

It doesn’t have any fancy features, but the keys are all nicely spaced out and comfortable to type on. And it is overall quite a nice typing experience.

The keys are quite quiet which is great if you share your office with someone else, while still being clicky enough to reassure you that you’ve pressed the key.

As you can probably tell from the picture, the keys are chiclet-style which are the flatter style keys that you would find on a laptop keyboard.

The attached USB cable is easily long enough to plug into your computer whether you’re using a laptop that’s right in front of you, or a desktop computer that’s under your desk.

As it’s so simple, there’s really not much else for me to say about this keyboard, but if you’re looking for a simple wired keyboard, this is definitely the one for you.

Want to Buy The AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard?

The Good

The Bad

The Das Keyboard 4 is much more expensive, but it has some useful features and a really premium build quality. So if you can afford it, it might be worth the upgrade.

As you can probably tell from the picture, this is a mechanical keyboard, unlike the previous one which was a chicklet style keyboard. It’s really up to you which style of keyboard you prefer, but if you like mechanical keyboards, this is one of the best ones available.

In the top right-hand corner of the keyboard, there is a nice big knob that allows you to easily adjust the volume of your computer. And to the left of it, are dedicated buttons that allow you to play, pause, or skip any media you have playing.

One of my favorite features of this keyboard is the two USB “passthrough” ports at the back of it. This allows you to plug any USB accessory you want into the keyboard (like a USB stick or a mouse), and then they will be connected to your computer.

Anyone who is serious about mechanical keyboards will probably want to what kind of key switches it has. (These are essentially the things under the keys of a keyboard that make the keys pop back up after being pressed).

And I am happy to report that you get a choice between Cherry MX Brown Switches which are soft and tactile, or Cherry MX Blue Switches which are much more clicky. No matter which ones you choose, they’re both very nice switches and will provide a wonderful typing experience.

At this price, it won’t be for everyone. But if you type a lot and want a premium typing experience, the Das Keyboard 4 won’t disappoint.

Want to Buy The Das Keyboard 4?

Best Wireless Keyboard For Home Office

Wireless technology has been improving in leaps and bounds over the past few years and it’s also become considerably cheaper. So much so that it’s now practical and even convenient to use a wireless keyboard.

The main benefit of a wireless keyboard is that you don’t need to have as many cables running all over your desk which is really nice if you’re trying to keep a tidy workspace.

But it’s also handy to have a keyboard that’s more portable. If you want to move it around the desk to get more comfortable, or even pick it up entirely, it’s nice to be able to do so without any cables getting in the way.

So here’s my list of some of the best wireless keyboards available.

The Good

The Bad

If you’re after a simple, affordable wireless keyboard, this is probably the one for you. It even comes with a nice wireless mouse which is great if you don’t already have one.

It’s a fairly simple plastic design, but it works flawlessly, has some handy shortcut buttons, and is quite nice to type on.

Both the keyboard and mouse connect to the computer with one wireless dongle which is nice if you are short on USB ports.

The keyboard uses 2 included Tripple A batteries that can last for up to 3 years before they need to be replaced. And the mouse uses one single included double A battery that can also last for up to 3 years.

Across the top of the keyboard, you’ll find a few different buttons that perform handy different tasks on your computer. Moving from left to right, there is:

  • A play/pause button that allows you to play and pause any media that’s playing.
  • A mute button to mute the audio.
  • A volume down button.
  • A volume up button.
  • A home button that takes you to the home page of your web browser.
  • An email button that will open your computer’s default email app.
  • A sleep button that will put your computer to sleep.
  • And a calculator button that opens your computer’s calculator.

All these buttons are super handy and allow you do quickly do some common daily tasks, but keep in mind that while typing with the keyboard works perfectly fine on all operating systems, some of the shortcut buttons will only work on Windows as the keyboard was designed to be used with Windows.

So overall, it’s nothing fancy and is made almost entirely out of plastic, but if you’re looking for an affordable wireless keyboard and mouse combo that will get the job done, this is the one for you.

Want to Buy The Logitech MK270?

The Good

The Bad

If you prefer to type on chiclet-style keys, this could be the one for you.

It has a nice slim profile so it won’t take up much space on your desk, but it’s still nice and sturdy due to its stainless steel back.

The chiclet-style keys provide a nice typing experience similar to a laptop, and all the keys are spaced out quite well to provide a nice typing experience.

Unlike some wireless keyboards that have replaceable double or triple A batteries, this one has a built in rechargeable battery which is nice because you don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries, but the rechargeable battery only lasts up to 6 months so you have to charge it more often than when you would need to replace the batteries in other keyboards.

It is slightly more expensive than the Logitech MK270 and it doesn’t come with an included mouse. But it’s still quite a reasonable price and it’s quite a nice quality keyboard for the money.

So is you’re looking for a sleek and simple wireless keyboard with chiclet-style keys, this is the one for you.

Want to Buy The Arteck Wireless Keyboard?

The Good

The Bad

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard with a wrist rest, this is the one for you.

The front edge of the keyboard extends generously further than the keys giving you a comfortable place to rest your palms and wrists while typing.

It also comes with a nice comfortable wireless mouse which is handy if you don’t already have one, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the mouse is really only designed for right-handed use so it won’t be great for left-handed users.

The keyboard is overall a really nice design that is comfortable to type on, and other than the wrist rest, it’s a fairly similar typing experience to the Logitech MK270.

The price is a little bit more expensive than the previous two wireless keyboards on this list, but considering what you’re getting it’s still quite a good deal.

It’s a bit more cumbersome than some of the other keyboards on this list (mostly due to the wrist rest), so it will take up a little bit more space on your desk which is something you’ll want to keep in mind if you have a tiny workspace.

But overall, it’s a great keyboard and if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard with a wrist rest, this could be the one for you.

Want to Buy The Logitech MK345?

The Good

The Bad

If you ever get sore or tired hands or wrists after hours of typing on your keyboard, you might want to consider a split ergonomic keyboard like this one.

The entire keyboard curves up in the middle to form a wave shape, and the keys are split into two sections so that you can comfortably type for hours on end with your hands in a more natural position.

It also has a soft padded wrist rest that gives you a very comfortable place to rest your palms and wrists while typing. The wrist rest also has optional feet that can prop it up on an angle to position the keyboard in an even more natural position.

The Logitech Ergo K860 is quite expensive as far as keyboards go, but it’s very comfortable to type on and has some really handy features.

Aside from all the ergonomic features I mentioned above, it also has the ability to seamlessly switch between 3 different devices with the press of a button. Which is great if, for example, you have a laptop and desktop computer.

If you are using it with a Windows or Mac OS computer, you can install the optional Logitech software which allows you to easily configure the row of function keys to do whatever you want.

It is designed to work seamlessly with any operating system which is great. But if you are using Chrome OS or Linux, you won’t be able to install the Logitech software to customize the function keys.

This somewhat different style of keyboard can take some getting used to and it won’t be for everyone, but if you’d like to give a split keyboard a try, this one won’t disappoint.

Want to Buy The Logitech Ergo K860?

Best Keyboard For Mac

While any of the keyboards above will be able to type perfectly fine on a Mac, a lot of the other keys might not work quite right. And even the ones designed to be compatible with Mac OS still arent fully designed with Mac users in mind.

So if you use a Mac, here’s my pick for the best keyboard for Mac OS.

The Good

The Bad

If you use a Mac computer and want a keyboard that’s been specifically designed for Macs with all the correctly labeled keys, you can’t go past the Apple Magic Keyboard.

It’s made by Apple so you know it will integrate perfectly with any Mac computer or even an iPad.

One thing you might notice when you look at the picture is that it doesn’t have a numeric keypad which is not a deal-breaker for a lot of people, but if you regularly work with a lot of numbers, it can be a bit annoying.

Fortunately, there is actually a different variation of the Apple Magic keyboard that does have a numeric keypad. Other than that it’s pretty much exactly the same thing only wider. So if you’re interested in the one with a numeric keypad, check out the Amazon listing here.

The chiclet-style keys are nice and enjoyable to type on. If you’ve ever used the keyboard that’s built into the latest Macbooks, it’s a fairly similar experience to that.

Unlike most wireless keyboards, the Magic Keyboard has no USB dongle so your only option for connecting it is to use Bluetooth. But this is nothing to worry about as the Bluetooth connection is flawless and it means you won’t need to plug anything into your computer and you can easily use it with an iPad if you want.

The Magic Keyboard has a built in rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 months on a single charge which is not as long as some other keyboards, but it is very quick and easy to charge with a lighting cable so it’s not a big deal.

The price is quite high considering that it’s a fairly simple keyboard, but it’s great quality and will seamlessly work with all your other Apple devices.

So overall, if you use a Mac, this is probably the one for you!

Want to Buy Apple Magic Keyboard?

Best Chrome OS Keyboard

As with Mac computers, any of the keyboards above will be able to type perfectly fine on Chrome OS, but the rather unique function keys found on a Chromebook keyboard won’t be there.

So if you want a keyboard designed specifically for Chrome OS with all the keys correctly labeled, here’s my pick for the best keyboard for Chrome OS.

The Good

The Bad

If you use a Chromebook or Chromebox and want a keyboard designed specifically for Chrome OS with all the correctly labeled function keys, this is the one for you.

It has all the different keys that you would find on a Chromebooks’s built in keyboard to do things like change the brightness correctly labeled and designed to work with Chrome OS.

There is even a handy Google Assistant key that allows you to easily summon the Google Assistant.

You can choose to connect it to your Chromebook with either the included USB dongle or a Bluetooth connection. Most Bluetooth keyboards can have some issues pairing with Chromebooks but this one pairs flawlessly no matter which option you choose.

A handy feature of this keyboard is that it can seamlessly switch between two different devices. Obviously, as it’s designed for Chrome OS it won’t work great with a Windows or Mac computer.

But it’s still a really nice feature if you want to pair it with two Chrome OS devices or Maybe your computer and your phone. It also has a conveniently placed phone holder where you can store your phone and pair it with the keyboard.

This way you could be working on your computer, and then if you get a text on your phone you could effortlessly reply to it by switching the keyboard to type on your phone.

The build quality doesn’t feel quite as premium as some of the other keyboards on this list, but it’s perfectly fine and the typing experience is still very enjoyable considering the fairly reasonable price.

So if you use a Chrome OS device and want a keyboard that’s going to work flawlessly with Chrome OS, this is the one for you.

Want to Buy The Logitech K580?

So there you have it, with all these different options, hopefully, you’ve found the perfect keyboard for your needs.

And if you need a mouse to go with your keyboard, you might want to check out my article on the best wireless mouse for your home office.

If you’re also looking for a new computer, I have written a whole lot of different articles about the best computers for your home office. Whether you’re looking for a desktop, laptop, MacBook, or Chromebook. You’ll be sure to find the right one for your needs.

If you want to find out how to create the best computer setup for your home office, click here to read my full guide on creating the best work from home computer setup.

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