Home Office Setup For Two

home office setup for two

With so many of us working from home nowadays, the need for a home office space is high on everyone’s list. But sometimes you don’t just need a home office to accommodate one person’s workspace, in fact it’s fairly common now to require a home office setup for two.

Whether that be a big enough space with two separate desks, chairs, and computers or whether you’re looking for a desk to comfortably fit two people working side by side will depend entirely on your needs and the type of work the two of you are likely to be doing.

Here we’ll look at some options to consider when setting up your home office for two people.

1) Getting The Right Desk For Two People

Your best bet when buying this type of desk is to go with a desk that is at least 6-feet long and preferably has some additional shelves attached on top or beside.

Extra Long Double Desk for 2 Person, Rustic Brown

 One of the biggest issues we see with those who are trying to set up a home office for two is that they are not getting enough storage space for their needs.

When working on your own computer, you are able to store small and medium-sized items on the bottom shelves, but when you have two people working together, you may start to run out of space quickly.

Double Computer Desk with Printer Shelf

You also want something that has room underneath for chairs or some type of additional seating as well. It is also important to get a desk that has a lot of space for working on computers.

2) Two Separate Desks

If you’re going for two separate desks, you want to be sure that they are centered properly and that you have enough room in between the desks so that each person has their own space to work.

It is important to work out where you want your desk so that you have enough space to have your own computer and work area.

You also want to be sure that the walls are not in the way of your desks and that there is enough space for both people to walk around the desks. Figure out where both people’s desks will be while thinking about as many places as possible where they can go for additional storage or for their computers.

3) L-Shaped Two Person Desk

There are different ways to configure your desks for two people. If you happen to have the right shaped room with an empty corner, an L-shaped two person desk could be an option for you.

4) Face To Face Two Person Desks

Again, this will be dependant on your home office set up and space, but having the two desks “face to face” can be a great way to fit two desks in your home office space and this configuration works exceptionally well if you work collaboratively and often need/like to discuss ideas with the person you are facing.

5) A Dual Monitor Stand

If you’re going to be using a two person desk, you might also want to consider getting a dual arm monitor stand that can hold two different computer monitors in different positions all with one stand.

This can really help free up space on the desk and make everything much neater and more organized.

6) Having A Space That Everyone Can Share

You may also want to consider getting a space that everyone around can share. For example, if you are working on a project with another person, you could get a separate desk or table to use as a shared, collaborative space.

Just how you set up your home office to work for you is entirely up to you and will depend on your space, the type of work you are doing and your budget.

If your home office setup for two is intended for two people working completely different jobs with no need to collaborate, you’ll probably find having two separate desks to be your best option.

That way each person can keep all the things they need for their work within easy reach and sort their desk and storage in a way that suits them and their job.

If, however, your home office for two is being planned for two people to run a business together – perhaps a husband and wife home business, then a more collaborative approach might suit your needs best.

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