Office Design Tips for the Home-Based Entrepreneur

Office Design Tips for the Home-Based Entrepreneur

If you’re like countless other entrepreneurs, you’re doing quite a bit of work from home these days.

There are certainly some significant benefits that come with working from home, but it’s critical to have a workspace that inspires productivity and helps move your business forward, especially if your business is entirely home-based.

Along with fostering productivity, your home office will also need to make for an attractive background for your meetings — whether in-person or virtual.

Essential Home Office Supplies offers some practical tips for any entrepreneurs who are looking to upgrade the design of their home office:

Go for home value

If there’s any chance that you will sell your home in the near future, consider appraisal value as you plan your workspace upgrade.

An attractive, fully functional home office can significantly boost your home’s value, as long as you approach it thoughtfully. At every turn, think neutral and tasteful. Be sure to document the improvements with receipts and before-and-after photos.

Capitalize on natural light

One of the most essential factors to a quality virtual meeting is the lighting in your environment, and nothing is better than natural light.

Maximize natural light in your office by placing your primary work area near a window, as well as the spot where you’ll be conducting meetings (if it’s different from your primary work area). Along with enhancing your virtual meetings, natural light can increase your productivity. 

For additional lighting, turn to floor lamps and desk lamps. These are less harsh than typical overhead lighting, and using them will allow you more control of the temperature color in the space.

Think dynamic walls

Sitting in front of an empty white wall may seem the safest route for a virtual meeting. But in reality, it’s quite boring. Plus, you want to be inspired to work in your office day after day. 

Think texture and paint. Don’t shy away from painting an accent wall with a vibrant color or leaving an exposed slab of brick. These can make for attractive backgrounds for both meetings and work tasks, and you can pull them off without overdoing them.

Stay organized

You don’t want to work in a cluttered environment. It will only increase your stress levels and make you appear unprofessional. 

Come up with a daily cleaning routine that helps your office stay organized, not only will you be more productive, but your in-person and virtual guests will view your business more positively.

Incorporate nature

Incorporating houseplants into your office design comes with a slew of benefits. Among others, houseplants can help to detoxify the air, add splashes of soothing color, and boost your productivity.

Nature has a way of both calming and energizing us, so why not bring it into your workspace? 

Consider height

Finally, ergonomics is a big deal when it comes to working in any type of office. Make sure you have a supportive ergonomic chair that will keep you comfortable throughout a long workday.

Also, ensure the screens on your devices are at a height that reduces neck strain. These principles are key to a great virtual meeting, as well. During meetings, your camera should always be at eye level and positioned far enough away that it doesn’t make you appear unprofessional. 

When you run a home-based business, your office matters. Remember to factor in your home’s appraisal value when making any improvements to your workspace, and make the most of the natural light in the room. 

Also, incorporate bold wall statements, keep your office tidy at all times, and add houseplants to the space. Lastly, keep your body and devices at appropriate heights to foster workplace wellness and improve your virtual meetings. 

For more office design tips and essential reviews on office furniture and supplies, visit Essential Home Office Supplies.

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