How To Set Up Your Home Office In Your Bedroom

How To Set Up Your Home Office In Your Bedroom

Whether it’s out of a desire or a need as there’s no other space for it, the bedroom is becoming a firm favorite when it comes to finding a space to create your home office in. It may sound strange, but we believe that the bedroom is one of the best places to set up your home office.

If there are other people in your home, you’ll likely be able to focus and get more work done in the seclusion and privacy of your bedroom than you would if you tried to work in a more open area like the living room.

And, when you’re not working, you’ll be able to keep all your work related items shut away and not have to work about anyone else messing with them.

I’ve actually been working in my bedroom home office for about two years now and I find it to be great, I even wrote this entire article in my bedroom.

Your home office doesn’t have to be in your bedroom, but if that’s where you’ve decided to set it up, or the only space available to you right now, here are some helpful tips and things to think about when setting up a home office in your bedroom.

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What You’ll Need To Set Up A Home Office In Your Bedroom

To set up a workstation in your bedroom, you’ll need the following necessities:

Your Bedroom (obviously!)

Don’t worry if your bedroom is only small – it doesn’t have to be expansive to work in it.

A Desk

Assuming your bedroom is big enough to fit a desk, you’re going to want a desk. You don’t need anything fancy to start working in your bedroom, just get a simple desk that won’t take up too much space.

Keep it clean and simple and try to keep it as uncluttered as possible so as not to disturb the ambiance of your bedroom. A small, simple table/desk like this one would do the trick:

Lap Desk And / Or Supportive Pillow (Optional)

If there is simply no space for a desk to fit into your room, get creative with supportive pillows and lap desks and set yourself up with your laptop on your bed.

Here are some products that might help to make you comfortable if this is the best/only option for you:


Your Computer

You can opt for a laptop, which will be the best (and only) option if you can’t fit a desk in your bedroom, and it’s also nice that you’ll be able to pick it up and move around with it if you want to.

Or, you could go for a desktop computer (assuming you have the space in your bedroom to set it up). But whatever you choose, make sure that it fits into the space available.

If you have space for a proper desk and you want to create a more elaborate computer setup, be sure to check out our guide on the best work from home computer setup.

A Desk Chair

If you’ve got space for a desk, hopefully you’ve also got space for a desk chair! You’ll need somewhere comfortable to sit when working. 

If your bedroom is carpeted you might not want a chair on wheels as they don’t always wheel too well on carpet. You can use a regular dining room chair if you’ve got a spare one, or you could go for a desk chair without wheels like this one:

Office Guest Chair with Lumbar Support and Mid Back Mesh

Alternatively, if you have carpet but still want to use a chair with wheels, you might want to consider a mat to make rolling around on your chair a bit easier.

And then you could get a chair with wheels like this one:

Office Chair Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Don’t forget to get creative with what you already have in your bedroom. For example, if you have a walk-in closet – maybe it could become your small home office.

Use an armoire or freestanding cupboard or wardrobe to store your clothes and suddenly you’ve got a small space just off your bedroom perfect to shut yourself away and get some work done.

This is a great solution if you have kids or noisy housemates as you can shut the door to your walk-in closet and have the peace and quiet to talk on the phone, on a zoom call or even record a podcast.

How to Decorate Your Home Office Bedroom

Now that you have chosen a place for your home office in the bedroom, it’s time to decorate. This is an area where you can be creative because you don’t have a lot of space and you don’t have to make it look as professional as an office but rather make it a relaxed environment that inspires creativity.

To do this, try using colors such as light blue or pale green because they’re relaxing and they can help create a relaxing aura in your bedroom.

You may want to put a variety of flowers or plants in your home office/bedroom because they’re natural and they can make you feel more comfortable and calm.

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Tips to Remember When Setting Up Your Home Office In Your Bedroom

1. Get More Light

One major problem with setting up your home office in the bedroom is that some bedrooms don’t have a lot of windows or natural light. Afterall, your bedroom is usually used for sleeping, when darkness is preferred.

If you do have a window or light source, you might like to position your desk near it so that you’ve got some natural light while you’re working.

If it’s still not light enough to work comfortably, invest in a desk lamp or floor lamp to shine some more light on your work projects.

2. Make the WorkSpace Comfortable

You might just be working in it but you still want to feel comfortable! Make sure your desk chair is comfortable or add cushions or back support if it’s not. 

If you’re working on your laptop on your bed, use pillows to get into a good position and don’t forget to move around and stretch frequently too. 

Consider some cute pot plants, essential oils in a diffuser, or a scented candle to really make the place feel comfortable and inspiring.

3. Have a Place for Everything

You don’t want to feel cluttered and overwhelmed. If your desk has drawers, use them! Keep your work surface uncluttered and your possessions in the drawers then you’ll always know exactly where everything is.

If you haven’t got the space for a desk and will just be working on your bed, consider keeping a big storage tub or basket where you can keep all of your work related things so that they don’t end up spread all over your bedroom.

A basket like this is handy to keep all of your notebooks, a pencil case full of pens, staplers, and other miscellaneous stationery you might need as well as fit your iPad or laptop on top.

Then all of your office/work ‘stuff’ can be neatly pushed to the side or put under the bed when it’s time for your ‘office’ to become your bedroom again.

4. Don't Get Distracted

The key to making your bedroom home office comfortable and functional is to make sure that you don’t get distracted by anything.

If you live in a noisy household, you may want to put up a soundproof wall or door between the bedroom space and the outside. This way you can’t hear any of the sounds that can interfere with your work.

5. Invest in Quality

The last tip to remember is to invest in quality and set up the space well. This means getting all the necessary equipment such as a computer, software, a printer, etc. that you need for your home office.

The more resources you have at your disposal, the more productive and comfortable you’ll be while working from home.

setting up a home office in bedroom

The bedroom is not an unpleasant place to work in, but you need to make sure that the space is designed well so that it can serve its purpose properly.

The tips outlined in this article can help you get started. Ultimately, it’s about learning to arrange your space the right way so that it can function as a work space and a place for relaxation and sleeping.

There are different ways to get started if you want to convert your bedroom into a home office. This could mean that you have to move some things around, change the decor or even put up a wall or door.

Or you could simply remove some things so that the room can function as a home office space. The best thing to do is to consider the purpose and function of your bedroom before making any changes.

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